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I couldn’t stop reading. It’s riveting. I had to ask myself why I didn’t know how much Wallace accomplished in the state legislature… during those turbulent times. It’s amazing. – Nolan White, Assistant Editor, Great Days Outdoors Magazine

Who is this man George Wallace that the media has consistently portrayed as the modern equivalent of Adolph Hitler? Author Mary Palmer has done a meticulous job of peeling back the layers of this complex man. She discusses the changes and convictions that shaped a would-be president to reveal exactly what her title suggests: an enigma.

Folks who read Mary’s fascinating journey into Wallace’s life and times will come to understand the George Wallaces and Atticus Finches of the era: men who honestly and whole heartedly “did what [they] believed to be right at the time. – Jody Conrad, Adjunct English Instructor, Faulkner University

Author Mary Palmer takes us into the tumultuous political scene of George Wallace. George Wallace: An Enigma reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly, of one of the most controversial politicians of our time… and how his views evolved over time. – Cindy Ingram, Director of Satsuma Public Library